02 agosto 2021

Vintage Style Lolita!

 Hello Açucaradas,

 Lolita dresses exude uniqueness and originality. This style is unusual and suits everyone. When designing Lolita dresses, every detail was thoughtfully made. This is proof that this brand pays special attention to quality in addition to appearance.

It is a known fact that retro dresses are back in fashion! They exude style and elegance and fit every woman perfectly. Lolita retro dresses, perfectly designed, are a mixture of old and modern styles. Their creation is reminiscent of women's dresses worn in luxury castles. The advantage of such perfectly designed dresses is that all the girls will gain special attention and everyone will be amazed by their styling.

Also, as these dresses are designed to be imbued with various details, threads, necklaces, with some of them it is not necessary to wear jewelry. They are jewelry in themselves!

Retro style is specific in that it awakens earlier fashion pieces and details and adapts them to the modern age in a special way. Today, the spirit of the good old days is back, so it is time for Lolita dresses to make you a lady!

The shape of the retro dresses is mostly bell-shaped and exudes sophistication. This is exactly the retro style that the Lolita collection convincingly presents to you. How astonishing this style is, is proven by the fact that even after so many years, it has not gone out of fashion. Therefore, it is assumed that it never will expire.

Dress of gentle colors that exudes luxury

This classic dress defies boring styles with its shape and indicates originality and uniqueness. It is a real fashion refreshment! Due to its shape, it emphasizes the beauty and elegance of a woman's body and makes the person wearing it look like a princess. The dominant colors are light green, baby pink, and white - pure tenderness! Thanks to these gentle colors, the beauty of the face stand out, and every detail on the dress is clearly visible. This retro dress is adorned with bows, lace, and beautiful gloves reminiscent of big ladies who used to walk around luxurious palaces.

Royal green elegant dress

Just look at this glow and splendor that this classical lolita prom dress has! This classic style and royal green color are undoubtedly the most sophisticated combination! Golden threads defy green color and decorate the dress as a work of art! The lace on the sleeves makes the dress even more elegant and special! This dress is so beautifully tailored, that it looks as if it was taken from a museum and that it used to belong to the most famous queens.

A skirt that emphasizes the sophistication if the style

This lolita skirt also belongs to the queens of retro style and its colors remind of the tenderness and sophistication that a lady can possess. If we look at the details that the skirt has on it, we will see a beautiful embroidery that has been fashionable since ancient times until today, and which will surely be fashionable in the future. This retro design is suitable for all occasions, including lavish celebrations, graduations, proms, birthdays, and even for a simple walk around the city, and this has been achieved thanks to the simplicity it possesses. Despite its simplicity, it is elegant and unusual and occupies the attention of many who remain amazed by its beauty.

Brown queen

This Lolita combination leaves everyone breathless. The soft brown color combined with the black details that contrast it can become a symbol of elegance. The upper part of the dress is tied back and emphasizes the waist and your beautiful body figure. It is a detail that is very retro and that remains fashionable to this day. The simplicity and unobtrusiveness of the colors allow you to carry any jewelry or purse with it. With it, you will be able to wear whatever you want, and you will be able to wear it wherever you want and you will surely be beautiful!

The art of design

As you know, there is never a mistake with black color if you want to be elegant! This retro skirt represents a luxurious style with rococo elements and images of women from that era. In a word, this skirt is a work of art and its value is invaluable. This mixture of retro style with modern is unique and can be worn on all occasions. What is certain is that it will gain everyone's attention. The black lace that adorns the edges of this skirt makes it very sophisticated! Add rococo retro style to your wardrobe, you will not go wrong!

Emphasize femininity!

Just look at this fashion queen - a retro long-sleeved dark blue dress! This antique dress is lined with lace and is full of the smallest details. This Lolita dress is also a work of art because it is imbued with various patterns that contrast with the dark color. The bell-shaped dress will suit everyone's figure and emphasize femininity.


The royal red dress never goes out of fashion

Of course, the red royal color was also found in this retro Lolita collection. This gothic velvet dress is decorated with white details that further emphasize its beauty. Although this dress is simple and consists of only two colors, it exudes elegance and emphasizes sophistication. Its color leaves everyone breathless and reminds of kingdom and luxury. The small bows that are placed on the bottom of the dress emphasize its unusual shape.

The fluttery dress

This dress exudes a style that represents a mixture of past and present. It shows old beautiful buildings that further emphasize the ancient spirit. Thanks to the model that is adapted to all body figures, it will be tailored for any lady who wants to be noticed. Wrinkled material that elegantly falls over the shoulders and chest reveals a delicate female neck. The dress is fluttery, so the material is very comfortable and does not represent a strenuous item of clothing to wear. The blue-gray color combined with the white color will make you leave the impression of a gentle dove wherever you appear in this dress.

Beijos Açucarados!

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