23 abril 2021

Cheap Maxi Dresses!

Hello Açucaradas,

Consumption has changed, the way I see my closet too, the way I dress and when I buy it have also changed, I see it all in another way. In the past year, I have rethought a lot and reinvented myself, I fixed my closet, cleaned it, took out a lot that I hadn't used in ages, I couldn't breathe anymore, I even breathed. And with that I feel renewed to buy other pieces, clothes that fit my new routine and make me feel well dressed, tidy and without much effort. I see myself as more practical, basic and with a much more defined style. I decided to choose new pieces and with that I went to pay a visit to Prestarrs, a partner store here on the blog and has beautiful clothes that fit perfectly in my current moment. And of course I will share with you some findings and tips that I found in this wonderful and accessible store.

The first thing I did as soon as I entered the site was to find the cheap trendy clothes promotion, I really need some pieces to use at home, in my home office, to go to the market, basic things of my daily life, and of course I found everything I need, without a lot of work, the store has several perfect pieces for those moments.

But what I liked most and have been needing are the cheap maxi dresses I want dresses like that so I can go out without much effort and it is always neat, and the store has the most beautiful models for several occasions, I even made my top 3 for you, they are so beautiful that they deserve to be seen by everyone, I chose one with a polka dot print, which I love madly, one with chess, my new obsession and of course a floral that I love and matches with all occasions.

My Choices:

Beijos Açucarados!


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