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05 fevereiro 2021

How to make a difference with Backdrops!

Hello Açucaradas,

Sometimes we just want to make a difference and I don't just say it to the people around us, but to ourselves, transform moments to keep in our memories and decorate our house, at that party, we want to do something different and sometimes we don't know what , several things we want and imagine but we don't know how to put it into practice and today I'm going to give you a super tip that I believe will help you a lot and expand your imagination and change that.

Have you heard of Backdrops? What would that be Ju? Backdrops are nothing less than a very large poster with the title and main topic of the subject and also images that help people to understand right away what you are doing there, in a few seconds. And how can this help me? In times of pandemic and social distance, we were left with few alternatives and backdrops came with everything to help you create the best funds without leaving your home and protecting you. It can help your company to have that nice holiday photo without taking your team out of the home office, at your daughter's party, to make that wonderful cupcake where you will find the perfect background for her to make the party dream come true without spending too much . 
StarBackdrops has the best funds for you and for all occasions.

You have, in the store, the perfect background for
wedding backdrop, to make it more romantic and charming without spending a fortune, you can make a photo booth backdrop and make the environment more interesting for Christmas photos, you can make the most scary photos with that fun Halloween costume with the halloween backdrop or use a white backdrop for several occasions creating a pattern for your annual family photos, all without spending a lot and with great practicality!

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30 dezembro 2020

Flower Backdrops!

Hello Açucaradas,

Special moments deserve special montages! Of course, before the end of the year I would come here with a wonderful tip for you, after all, good things were done to be shared with everyone and the Blog was created for that, to share the best for you. And so today I come with another post about the starbackdrop and wonderful tips to eternize those incredible moments in our life, with all that affection that we love and deserve!

Since this year we are not able to meet with the people we love, how about taking advantage of making everyone take wonderful pictures at home and make a garden background, rather creating something unique as if everyone is gathered in the same environment? I think this is a perfect idea, the site has several more charming types that look like real paintings and it will certainly stay forever in a unique and charming way. I am completely in love with the roses backdrop, each one is more beautiful than the other, already thinking about doing some with some pictures of me with the boy to put in our house. The flower backdrops are my favorites, i like the delicacy of the flowers that bring peace and spring to my home in a place that looks like rock jungles.

You can already start thinking, for example, of photos of easter flowers background, yes that's right the site has several background promotions in these styles for you to have the best photos at that time, all calm and tranquility, enjoy your days off and throw yourself and visit the store, you will surely find the best panels for your memories and to be able to have fun with security at the time of delivery and the best prices that fit in your pocket. Meet, have fun, it's a great therapy and you'll be able to review those unique moments in your life!

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18 dezembro 2020

Brick Fabric Backdrop!

Hello Açucaradas,

Don't know what to give to loved ones this holiday season? I don’t know there are times when it seems like it gives us a blank and we don’t know how to please those who are on our side, beat that doubt and we spent hours, even thinking and nothing comes to mind.
How about creating something, but creating that won't work? What do you mean Juliana, is that possible? Yes, and I show you how, today on the blog for you and in time for you to deliver this special gift for the end of the year, birthday, Christmas, special date and so on ...

I present to you Strabackdrop, a charming store where you can create wonderful montages with those photos and eternal moments. A unique and eternal gift, that surely those who will receive will love. You can use a brick fabric backdrop or if you want something like a brick backdrop, there are several different models and styles for you to play with and use your imagination.

I'm delighted with the gray brick, as I thought it was wonderful, if you want something more unique, the store also has the old brick walls version, where you can create that unique moment with your family photo, the love of your life (you or who is on your side), recreate unique moments, change that ugly or messy background and even redo moments that have marked your life and who you want to give gifts to. I would love to win a gift like this, it is showing affection and affection in something so simple and charming.

Take a few minutes of your time and travel and be enchanted by the store, surely your head will explode with ideas for the gift and perfect assembly and you will find the background that has the most to do with the person and make that difference when giving gifts. who you want! Surprise and distribute this love in something eternal like this

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11 dezembro 2020

Weeding Backdrops!

Hello Açucaradas,

And friday is hot tip day from online love stores that we love to know !!!
And today it is special for my readers who are passionate about photo montages and decoration. IF we talk about how to save special moments today!

How about making your wedding backdrops, assemble the way you dreamed and have a wedding photography backdrop hanging in your house as you always wanted? Now your dreams come true with Starbackdrops, a store specializing in custom photo backdrops, where you set up and they send you your photo drop weddings, your way, with incredible quality and a price that fits in your pocket. And of course you will arrive at your home very well packed and well maintained.

It has panels from the most classic, to the most modern, for different styles and tastes.

Some of the wedding backdrops you can find in the store:

The store is amazing and the backdrops models are beautiful and have for different types and different tastes.

And I can say that starbackdrop was one of my best discoveries that I made this week, do not expect less from this store that has a lot of personality and several incredible products that you need in one place, with delivery worldwide, prices nothing more than fair and with a great price. attendance.

It's really worth it for that quick trip on their website and to spend a few minutes getting to know all of its categories better, the reviews are good and I can't wait to do some shopping for photo albums with the boy!
All with great taste and excellence to win our trust.

The starbackdrop surprised me a lot and I am mega delighted with all of her works for several occasions, it is super worth visiting this store and falling in love!

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