05 fevereiro 2021

How to make a difference with Backdrops!

Hello Açucaradas,

Sometimes we just want to make a difference and I don't just say it to the people around us, but to ourselves, transform moments to keep in our memories and decorate our house, at that party, we want to do something different and sometimes we don't know what , several things we want and imagine but we don't know how to put it into practice and today I'm going to give you a super tip that I believe will help you a lot and expand your imagination and change that.

Have you heard of Backdrops? What would that be Ju? Backdrops are nothing less than a very large poster with the title and main topic of the subject and also images that help people to understand right away what you are doing there, in a few seconds. And how can this help me? In times of pandemic and social distance, we were left with few alternatives and backdrops came with everything to help you create the best funds without leaving your home and protecting you. It can help your company to have that nice holiday photo without taking your team out of the home office, at your daughter's party, to make that wonderful cupcake where you will find the perfect background for her to make the party dream come true without spending too much . 
StarBackdrops has the best funds for you and for all occasions.

You have, in the store, the perfect background for
wedding backdrop, to make it more romantic and charming without spending a fortune, you can make a photo booth backdrop and make the environment more interesting for Christmas photos, you can make the most scary photos with that fun Halloween costume with the halloween backdrop or use a white backdrop for several occasions creating a pattern for your annual family photos, all without spending a lot and with great practicality!

Beijos Açucarados!


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  1. Oh que sim são modelos bastante bonitos, nem sei qual gostei mais
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  2. Ow que bonito! Adorei o post! <3


  3. Gostei do segundo papel de parede.

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