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Mostrando postagens com marcador Shoes. Mostrar todas as postagens

09 dezembro 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

My biggest addiction in life is shoes, I swear, I'm completely crazy and in love, there are some brands that I wait all year to buy some models, others I play without thinking twice, I'm addicted and a real centipede and I love a good shoe, that one that exudes comfort, has beauty and style. And I freak every time I meet a new store that has my favorite combo in life, and this post is to introduce you to this amazing store that is a scandal of style and power, with you UP2STEP, I swear, I've never seen a store with so many killer models together in one site.

I was crazy dreaming of a Clear Mules, and I found several breathtaking, one prettier than the other and with such an attitude that my feet wouldn't even know how to walk in them, but it would leave my looks of the day more than perfect. Something I've been wanting for centuries and whenever I see Kim Kardashian wearing I keep wanting it for me is a Clean wedge heels and it remained lost in how many different models the store has, each different heel, that I've never seen here in Brazil and already wanting to wear with my dresses or good jeans.

Something I have, love and am is colorful shoes and I don't know how to deal with the store's Heeled Mules Shoes, so many colors, styles, models for all tastes, from the most simple and classic to bold and powerful models that make the ladies freak , there is no way to behave with a store like this, there are many beautiful models that ooze beauty, sensuality and comfort, as we all desire.

It's worth visiting their website quickly and taking a few minutes to get to know all their categories better, and see that as reviews are good and true, I can't wait to buy there and of course take advantage of this promotion.
Everything with great taste and excellence to earn our trust, in addition the store has great prices, worldwide delivery and various forms of payment and delivery for your convenience. Come meet her and be delighted, and tell me which shoe you most wanted and want in your life? Curious about your choices, tell me!

Beijos Açucarados!


24 setembro 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

Eita lively week here on the blog, full of amazing tips, wonderful posts and the best indications for you, I love to bring the best content and information, I feel full and fulfilled in doing my job right. And today to close the week will be no different, of course I brought the best content and another tip from an old partner store on the blog that I know you love and is one of the favorite and charming stores we have.

Of course I'm talking about Shoessee, if I'm talking about shoes, I remember it right away, it has the best promotions and current collections and I understand about shoes, I even joke that if I show up with another new shoe here at home, the boy will kick me out , but I can't resist and there's always room for one more.

Shoes for me are everything, it's my personality, style, affection, I love too much, I'm a real centipede, those who follow me have already noticed, I'm completely addicted, for me shoes transform a simple look, from color to environment and can destroy a clothes if you choose the wrong one. It may not look like it, but a shoe is a key item for a look that can be the main piece of an entire outfit.

Fashion shoes for women is everything in life, choose the right shoe, go to the right store and buy the most comfortable shoe in the world where we can run a marathon of our day to day and it is there comfortable, without hurting us and still making us beautiful , is all we ask and our greatest desire. And looking at the store's website, I find all these wishes come true, they are so beautiful models that exude comfort and sophistication for our beautiful little feet.

The type of shoes I've loved the most in life are womens flat shoes, I don't understand the hatred for them, but I love it. parties, weddings is everything in a woman's life the mix of comfort and beauty. Of course the store also has the best heels, but I chose several shoes in this post, because it's what I've been loving and wearing super, I left my sneakers a little aside and invested in the beauty of the flats and realized that my looks were never as beautiful as they are now .

The store has great prices, worldwide delivery and several payment and delivery methods for your best convenience.
         Come meet and delight in her, and tell me what you most wanted and wanted in your shoe closet?
I've been wanting a lot of shoes like that and I'm sure I'll secure several for myself and I want to know which ones you fell in love with and bought, tell me, I'm curious about your choices.

Beijos Açucarados!


16 junho 2021

Shoessee Shoes for Women!

Hello Açucaradas,

What I love most about living in Rio de Janeiro, although I don't really enjoy the heat here, is the lightness of getting ready, we don't have that obligation to wear heels, or ultra-closed shoes for a trip to the mall, for example, we are free , cool, we like comfort and lightness, of course, I love to dress up, I'm completely addicted to sneakers and boots, but at the same time I like to wear a good sandal and not be desperate to get ready for a quick trip on the street or solve problems everyday things. I love a good and cute sandal, I wear flats a lot, whoever knows me knows, I said about my detail, I like comfort but being tidy, even if it's simple. So I was looking for models of fluffy sandals for my day to day, I gave some old ones that I didn't wear anymore and I was looking for some nice and comfortable new ones, until I went to Shoessee, if there's a store that has the best shoes, it's her. and today I share with you my choices.

I think it's the best place to buy womens shoes online, it has an infinite variety of models for all styles and tastes, from the most basic and classic, to the boldest and most powerful, with sizes from the smallest to the largest, being good diversified. And that's where I found my womens flat sandals, one model prettier than the other, I prefer comfort and even some dandals with more classic and vintage footprints, for many grandma sandals, for me the real pleasure of putting on and staying tidy, outside that the prices are great, they deliver worldwide and still have several coupons and discounts. The true combination of style, beauty and price.

It's really worth it for that quick trip on their website and to spend a few minutes getting to know all of their categories better, and see that the reviews are good, and I can't wait to do my shopping there.
All with great taste and excellence to win our trust, except that the store has great prices, delivery worldwide and has several forms of payments and forms of delivery for your best convenience. Come and meet and delight with her, and tell me what you most desired and want in your home and in your daily life.

Beijos Açucarados!


24 agosto 2020


Hello Açucaradas,

And of course we will start the week with a wonderful store tip for you !!!! And on my travels on the internet I just met Shoessee, an online shoe store, with the latest fashion models, yes the latest trends from catwalks and social networks, in one place and with fair prices that fit in our pocket and with delivery all over the world! The store has super releases in casual loafers the most beautiful sneakers of the moment, for all tastes and styles, apart from vintage sneakers, which is my favorite session, which has the most beautiful models of my dreams, all super comfortable and yet easy to find your size, with a very clear and easy to use measurement table. A find this store, too enchanted in it, and of course I made my top 3 with the models that I've been wanting the most at the moment and found it.

In search of a comfortable, beautiful shoe for your day to day or special moments? Get to know Shoessee and throw yourself into this world of sneakers and several other shoe models, to rock your looks, without fear of being happy!

My Choices:

It is worth a quick visit to their website and a few minutes getting to know all their categories better, and see that the reviews are good and true, and I can't wait to do my shopping there and of course taking advantage of this promotion.
All with great taste and excellence to win our trust, in addition the store has great prices, delivery worldwide and has several forms of payment and delivery for your convenience. Come and meet her and be delighted, and tell me what you most want to use in your daily life, what you want in your wardrobe and what you will like about this new collection?

Beijos Açucarados!!