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Mostrando postagens com marcador Holapick. Mostrar todas as postagens

04 novembro 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

Sometimes I miss some more casual looks, you know? Those simpler comfortable ones that you can look good both at home and on the street, feel chic without daring too much, look as elegant as my influencers, but sometimes I look at some pieces and their prices don't match my pocket, so I went to searching for pieces in this style and so I came across Holapick, a very wonderful store and perfect for those looking for women's casual clothing, of course the store has clothes for all tastes, styles, beauty, but it has a selection in its store of pieces that fits perfectly, not what I was looking for with promotions and discounts that fit in my pocket and make a difference when buying.

I was really looking for cheap maxi dresses, I'm addicted to the play, I want several to make supermarkets, go to family parties, a date with the boy or lunch with friends and I found several for all these occasions on the store's website, it's been since lighter and simpler models perfect for the heat of Rio at that time, as sober and tidy models that are the face of my next trip, besides the ones that go perfectly with the end-of-year parties. For all particular tastes and all bodies, with size for all and simpler, classic or very modern models.

Just enter the brand's website and fall in love, there are models of dresses, basic clothes, shirts, coats, everything to make your closet more powerful and as we like it without spending too much and with different forms of payment and delivery.

Tell me what do you think? To fall in love too much, right? Would you wear any of these dresses in your day to day or just in special moments? Well, some dresses I would wear discreetly in my day-to-day and others when I want to feel super important, the store, in addition to clothes, has amazing accessories. They are delivered all over the world and have several payment methods, size charts, plus Plus Size inclusions, as well as express delivery, so you can buy and don't be afraid to arrive on time. Everything with the security you need for a purchase.

Beijos Açucarados!