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06 novembro 2020

Newchic black Friday 2020!

Hello Açucaradas,

And finally the time of year that we love the most came, November and its Black Friday promotions, which actually roll the whole month to our joy, as I love this time, is where we can make those finds that we flirt all year round, when we get together money all year long to change phones, buy that appliance we have needed for months and the best, those purchases that go beyond the need, time to give those treats that we have dreamed and desired for months but always left for last and for later. I assume that this time is where I love to pamper myself and give me those items that I've been wanting for months and never buy.

Well, I assume that I've been buying some things for myself, including hair products, makeup, items for home that I needed, some care that I deserved lol, whatever I asked for as a gift for the boy and I finally managed to win, when I receive it I will show it to you.

Well I'm writing all this, because of course I was going to make some special posts for you at that time, we have to share the best tips and findings, to guarantee the best prices and purchases and I start this season bringing you the opening of Black friday, for whom do not know Asian countries do a super promotion on 11/11 and NewChic will not be out of this super promotion and will have its Newchic 11.11 sale 2020, where I made several finds for you in this post!

Newchic black Friday 2020 deals is investing heavily in promotions, with daily items at incredible prices, yes it deserves that daily trip on their website to be able to enjoy the best prices of items chosen for the whole family, best time to guarantee Christmas gifts , hidden friend and even birthday. Take advantage of everything that is coming very fast to have everything before the holidays.

I chose some sessions that stand out too much in these promotions, like Landscape Print Clothing I swear I made a cart full of pieces, as I am delighted with everything, several items with prices that even with the high dollar, there is no way not to take advantage. Besides, I'm determined to buy a boot in the embroidered ankle boots session. I didn't know I needed a shoe like that until I saw these releases, as they are unique and beautiful models. Everything is very well embroidered and well done, I only think about the comfort of these items on my feet, to combine I want and a lot of ethnic jackets, which I am super up for this season and for sure it will be something that will rock and a lot next year here in Brazil and of course I want to take advantage now to have one to call mine at the best price.

Make a note in the agenda to remember, 11/11 is the day to enjoy the best deals and renew your closet. To be able to have those pampering and care you want for you with the best deals and stay in fashion without spending a lot! And then come here to tell me what you took advantage of in these promotions, tag me on instagram, because I want to see the best purchases!

Beijos Açucarados!


25 setembro 2020


Hello Açucaradas,

I always talk to you, I'm connected to fashion, but at the same time there are some trends that I don't care about and my style is zero, but some others catch me and when I go with them and I don't rest until I have something in my closet to call my own .
This year because of the quarantine, I had to go online to find the pieces I want most in life, such as a cropped hooded sweatshirt, even in the spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, I want one to call mine, and in search for him, I found the lover-beauty, I freaked out, I found my dream piece with a very nice price and in basic colors, the way I love it.

Of course, in this search I found several promotions, such as cheap wholesale womens clothing, with several basics that I love so much to use at home, as to use in my daily life, I am very basic at various times and I love having stock of T-shirts at home .

Another thing that I need a lot is gym clothes and for my luck the store has a session with several pieces that are perfect for working out on the promotion, apart from some that can be used as soon as the vaccine comes out. The cheap jumpsuits came with everything and I already made my cart with several!

 It's worth the quick trip to their site and spend a few minutes getting to know all their categories better, and see that the reviews are good and real, and I can't wait to do my shopping there and of course enjoy this promotion.

All with great taste and excellence to earn our trust, besides that the store has great prices, delivery worldwide and has various forms of payment and delivery for your convenience. Come meet and delight in it, and tell me what you most wanted and want in your home and in your daily life, what you want in your closet and what you will enjoy this new collection?

Beijos Açucarados!