05 abril 2023

Gold Shimmer Wall!

Hello Açucaradas,

I always come here on the blog and bring the dream dresses for brides, bridesmaids, 15th birthday parties, graduations, there are always tips on suits, shoes, I think I've already talked about everything and a little more for you about clothes, I remembered there are several posts with accessories, beauty, everything to make you more beautiful and your friends, relatives, on the special day, but today the post is different, how about talking about decoration? Well, have you noticed that I've been loving talking about it around here, yes spending many hours on pinterest causes this hehehe or is watching too many movies and series about it? It doesn't matter, I'm from the team that loves sharing good tips and beautiful things to see, we need more colors in this world and beauty and shine and fancybackdrops.com drives me crazy and fills my head with amazing ideas that I have to share with you and I know you love it so much. So come with me because today's tip is an affordable luxury that we love.

For starters, do you like gold?

And let's go with a gold shimmer wall that is perfect for your border, your wedding, your 15th birthday party, something more chic and elegant to leave your decor as you've always dreamed of, as I've said in other posts the panel is super easy to assemble, it has a manual, you can assemble and customize it the way you always wanted, even for you who have a brand and want to hold an event and an exhibition this type of panel is perfect for your promotion, it makes the environment more serious with a touch of glamor , you can buy two colors and personalize it with your name or brand, to make everything more special and designed, for a party nothing like a good balloon decoration to have the most incredible cake table or that photo panel to rock with your friends , for your brand, a very modern touch of prominence that will attract new customers and interested parties, all with quality and good taste, which can always be reused and transformed whenever you want the environment.

I assume that every post freaks me out and I'm in doubt which color and style I love the most, I love bringing these tips and inspirations to help you save and grow and of course make your dream come true of having the party you've always dreamed of and seeing in movies and around the world social networks, in an amount that fits your budget and you'll still have that souvenir to use whenever you need it.

The store has great prices, promotions, discounts and various forms of delivery, to take everything safely home and without stress, it is worth knowing and investing in these items that will make your life more colorful and fun and you can rest assured that everything comes with a manual and its own box to assemble, disassemble and have somewhere to store it safely, to last for many, many years.

Beijos Açucarados!


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  1. Que são mesmo boa boa sugestão até para usar nas nossas festas. Nem sei qual gostei mais
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  2. Eu amo tão lindo esse tipo de decoração. as vezes a vida precisa de muito brilho!


  3. Uau! Que glamour. Adorei.

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está no ar com muitos posts e novidades! Não deixe de conferir!

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    Até mais, Emerson Garcia