29 setembro 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

And after bringing several extra posts for you, from clothes for mothers and daughters, shoes, makeup, it's only fair to close this cycle this month with clothes for her husband, boyfriend, brother, son, because there's one thing that Pimenta is with sure, it's being democratic and for the whole family, here there is no discrimination and I think it's only fair that everyone has the right to dress well and without spending too much, with the best pieces, qualities and diversity possible, so today is Wayrates day, a men's store, full of amazing pieces and today I show you in detail.

Sometimes I feel that here in Brazil there are some different things missing, yes in many aspects for both us women and men, some types of clothes are very difficult to find, if you go to the mall look for it depending on the season, ours is not even there, my boy, for example, loves mens tactical clothing, but here I never find this type of clothing for him, he likes lots of pockets, convenience to carry his things, besides he loves this style of clothing for everyday life, yes he freaks out in the movies and he keeps asking me to do the same, that's why there's always drama of getting pieces like this here in Brazil, but now it's changed, because I've found the perfect store for him with the clothes he's always wanted and with a good price and easy size charts, to better find and buy stress free.

It's been a while since he asked me for a mens tactical jacket, but he never found it, until I came across the largest selection of them, one more beautiful than the other, literally left the movies he loves for the store, there's for everyone tastes and styles, it has cotton, leather, tactel, water and rain proof, multifunctional or simpler. From classic to sporty ones, everything with great taste, well sewn and with the best materials, jacket for him to go cycling on cold and rainy days and jackets for a date with me.

The store has great prices, delivery around the world and with different forms of payment and different types of delivery for your best convenience.
             Come meet her and delight in her, and tell me what you loved and delighted with this store?
   Tell me, are you going to make any purchases on it? Are you going to self-gift or give to someone you love? Already enjoy that the holiday season is coming and now is the best time to take advantage of these offers and arrive in time for birthday, Christmas, hidden friend ...

Beijos Açucarados! 


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