31 março 2021

Wholesale7: Funny Bags!

Hello Açucaradas,

Me and my cyber adventures, what I've been doing the most and adventuring on the online sites and dating your pieces. In fact after a long time wearing only a backpack, in fact I only carry a backpack, even when I go out with the boy, because I carry my things and his, as I keep throwing everything inside of her, old craze that I have, but I've been feeling lack of some scholarships in my life. As I said I reviewed my closet a lot recently, I took some old bags to donate and with that I want new ones to put in place and so the person goes in search of incredible sites with security and good prices to find the perfect bags. And with that I find myself with Wholesale7, an old partner here on the blog where it has wonderful prices and everything I've been wanting, luckily for me they have a lot of promotions, like the online wholesale clothing that made me crazy with their mini prices.

And on this adventure on the brand's website I come across wholesale bags, I don't know how to deal with them, they are so beautiful and fun that I brought several here to the blog because I didn't know how to choose just one, I wanted them all, then my credit card, how they are cute, with quality and beauty, there are from the little ones that are out and about in social networks, to the practices for our daily life, but the ones that won me are the fun ones, I love going out with a very different bag giving a unique touch to the look. From the simplest to the most elaborate ultras (my favorites) ours without knowing how to deal with such cuteness, I want to make several mini videos of looks with them yesterday at my house.

My Choices:

The store has great prices, delivery worldwide and has several forms of payments and forms of delivery for your best convenience.
 Come and meet and delight with her, and tell me what you most wanted and want in your closet?

Beijos Açucarados!


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  1. Oh que essa loja tem mesmo modelos de malas bem bonitas
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