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29 março 2023

Iridescent Blue Shimmer Wall!

Hello Açucaradas,

And shall we continue with the perfect tips for your perfect dream party?

I have many friends who live in the struggle and imagination when it comes to the children's birthdays, including theirs, because I am 100% low and they are the opposite of the Queens of the parties and for that reason I am always following the trends of the parties, the which is booming, what the kids are freaking out about, including me as an adult lol, and one of the things that has been growing the most and everyone is loving it is the Iridescent Blue Shimmer Wall panels, seriously, this post is 100% dedicated to it and with several inspirations from children's parties to those of 30 years or older, because having good taste is for everyone and has no age.

Starting off, how about a panel for photos from your 15th birthday party? To rock your friends and make them freak out as soon as they arrive at your party and see it, has the perfect item for that moment, it's cool, iridescent, fun and shiny, giving that perfect background fit for the moments you want to keep forever in your memory and with the right decor, it's zero childish, having a very glamorous and authentic air, for me it's one of my favorites and I'm already thinking about the beauty for my birthday next year, I think which suits my personality so much!

Easter is coming, how about a panel to make the Easter party more fun? A unicorn-themed birthday? Princesses? Disco? 60's? There are so many possibilities that I don't even know where to start, apart from that you can assemble it according to your wall and environment, as I said it can be for a photo, be the bottom of the cake table, a fun little corner after egg hunts, a fantasy place for children to unleash their imagination, play princesses in their enchanted world, where imagination goes far and bright eyes go crazy with so much beauty and dreams come true!

Balls, balloons, sheer, fancy letters, strings, ribbons, it goes with everything, flowers, DYE, under the sea, enchanted forest, release the bright mother inside you and awaken the hidden child and play with colors to assemble the most magnificent party, you can still rent or lend it later, still being an income making the investment pay off and use it for many years, and that you won't regret having done it, it won't be something that will be thrown in the back of the garage or from the closet, it will be transformed into thousands of incredible opportunities that will help you a lot in future planning!

The store has great prices, promotions, discounts and various forms of delivery, to take everything safely home and without stress, it is worth knowing and investing in these items that will make your life more colorful and fun and you can rest assured that everything comes with a manual and its own box to assemble, disassemble and have somewhere to store it safely, to last for many, many years.

Beijos Açucarados!


22 março 2023

Shimmer Wall Backdrops!

Hello Açucaradas,

And I know that you love a different post but with a super useful tip, seriously I am like that, I love to see something different so I love to bring it to you and I love the feedback, it's nice to see that we have similar interests. And that's why I'm always open to different types of suggestions and content.
And today I present to you, I found it by chance looking for backgrounds for videos and photos and I was completely enchanted by this store and of course I ran to share it with you after all, I'm not the only one looking for these items, I see a lot of people asking information, tips and where to find it, so I decided to make this post and share this most necessary and incredible find.

When I opened the site and saw shimmer wall backdrops I was like and now, what to put in the post? Not one of us freaked out here, one is more beautiful than the other, they are too incredible, the power of this in the environment is incredible, from the other life and sometimes you don't even need balls, of course they complement making it even more beautiful and fun, it shines a lot, it is perfect for photos and your party much more much more beautiful, giving a q of beauty and power, making everything much more incredible and exciting, to look at and think, I won in life, everything is the way I always dreamed and wanted.

What is Shimmer Wall Backdrops?

They are premium sequin panels that are perfect for decorating any special event including weddings, baby showers and birthdays. Add a great pop to any event. Create a sparkling backdrop with our glitter wall panels. They are very easy to install, just connect each panel with the connection buckles, no extra tools required. You alone can put together the party of your dreams with that pinterest decoration without having a headache and always reuse it when you need it, you can borrow, sell, rent and take advantage of it to earn extra money!

This pink is my favorite of all, it seems to make the environment bigger, more beautiful, alive, elegant, shiny, giving it another life, perfect for taking the perfect pictures with friends and making my cake with makeup decor even more fun, 100 % in the super trendy Barbiecore vibe and in the 90's and 00's themed parties everything is very well done and arrives perfectly in the safety of your home at the best price, yes the prices are unbelievable to look at and think about is it really that only costs that much? And thus have something for life and parties with the best backgrounds.

The store has great prices, promotions, discounts and various forms of delivery, to get everything safely to your home and without stress, it is worth knowing and investing in these items that will make your life more colorful and fun.

Beijos Açucarados!