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Mostrando postagens com marcador cheap jackets. Mostrar todas as postagens

23 dezembro 2020

Prestarrs, Women's Cardigans!

Hello Açucaradas,

For those who don't know me, I'm the crazy cardigan, I swear, I don't live in one piece, I don't wear a blazer or jackets (this second option I have some, but because I live in Rio de Janeiro, I end up wearing very little or almost never) . That is why I am attached to cardigans, it is a lighter garment, which matches different types of weather, and it can be carried everywhere in the world. When I traveled, I took 3 and came back with two more in the suitcase, to get a sense of how much I love the piece. And with that, I'm always looking for new models and styles to add to my closet, so researching, I went to the Prestarrs website, a store that always appears here on the blog and I found out that they have a lot of promotions this year, after all Europe and Northern Hemisphere is winter and taking advantage of this promotion now, I am sure that I will rock when winter comes here, but of course I had to share it with you!

Of course, I went straight to the women's cardigans session and freaked out, the cardigans I see on instagram, dramas, all with wonderful prices, one piece more beautiful than the other, all with quality, good fit and that gives that unique touch to the simplest looks that touch more fashion that more cool look, I made a cart with several models to walk around and create fantastic looks.

I took advantage and even took a look at the cheap jackets, after all I want the vaccine to come out soon so I can travel a lot again and with that I need good jackets and style to know the world around me, and I was surprised by the wonderful variety that store has, one more beautiful than the other. As I am delighted and wishing several, the store never lets me down and I always find what I want!

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Beijos Açucarados!