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19 janeiro 2024

Skin care on long trips!

Hello Açucaradas,

And in the skin care series, after the fitness life, we're going to talk about skin care when traveling, yes, it's something that sometimes we don't even pay attention to but it's super important, when traveling quickly, always pay attention to your makeup, But long hours of traveling by car, bus or plane, our skin deserves some extra care and of course I'll leave you with some tips to take care of your skin so it doesn't suffer from jetlag.

Every time I go on a long trip, I prefer to pay attention to my skincare, I use a good moisturizer on my eye area, my hyaluronic acid, a more powerful moisturizer, a lot of sunscreen, and I like to do a face mask in the middle of the walk. an extra hydration and of course Portable Travel Disposable Clean Towels, to help soothe and cleanse your facial skin calmly and with care to keep it super healthy and beautiful, I buy them at and they are always in my backpack so they are always in my bag. reach, cleansing and moisturizing my face.

Of course, with this I still worry a lot about drinking plenty of water, hydrating myself a lot, eating healthy foods, avoiding fats and fried foods and drinking juices instead of soft drinks and avoiding sweets, preferring fruits, all of this really helps the skin to look beautiful and not dry or swollen, arriving at its destination as beautiful and powerful as we want to arrive and enjoy.

Having these concerns and care are not frills, they are well-being and in the long run our body is grateful for taking such good care of it, it is our duty, I also like to read and entertain myself by watching films or series, it is also worth taking a nap to rest, wear light clothes, shoes that don't hurt, take the essentials in your hand luggage, purse and backpack, and be calm when getting off so you don't get stressed and enjoy every second of the trip as it deserves to be enjoyed.

Beijos Açucarados!