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27 janeiro 2021

Valentine's Day Gift!

Hello Açucaradas,

  And behold, this month is almost over, for many it is taking a long time, but I assume that I am enjoying the time it has been taking, I am in no hurry and enjoying the moments, even at home, I think that everything that comes happening, helped a lot to change habits and enjoy life better.

And the month of February is coming and with him the valentine's day, I assume that I like the date too much, although here in Brazil we don't celebrate, I think the date is welcoming, it goes beyond boyfriends to celebrate friendships.

And to help you celebrate that date, of course I brought a list full of tips and suggestions for you to give gifts to those you love, yourself and the people around you, that friend who needs affection, a treat for the boy you are like that, your longtime companion, has for everyone, of course, because I went looking for a site that embraces from your home, even you who are the Newchic site, as I love this store, I think it is wonderful and I always love your news!

I assume that I chose more things to give myself as a gift than the people around me, but it is my fault that the store now has only a cat shirts for women session, not the one, I wanted them all, so I'm browsing a little more and I find the criss cross bra, with the best bras from the most basic ones to the gym, to the most powerful ones to feel more beautiful, of course I put several in the cart, then I can't resist a cuteness I find womens flannel pajamas sets, each super pajama cute and warm, already thinking about winter, I freaked out from the most chic to the cutest in the worldoooo, of animals I love.
The site still has a selection of Sexy lingerie for you to please those you love and spice up the relationship and closing the combo with an abstract print swimsuit full of beautiful news and with prices to take your breath away, I loved, imagine and of course I ran here to share with you.

 It's really worth it for that quick trip on their website and to spend a few minutes getting to know all of their categories better, and see that the reviews are good, and I can't wait to do my shopping there.

All with great taste and excellence to win our trust, except that the store has great prices, delivery worldwide and has several forms of payments and forms of delivery for your best convenience. Come and meet and delight with her, and tell me what you most desired and want in your home and in your daily life.

Beijos Açucarados!