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26 janeiro 2024

Care for your skin at the beach!

Hello Açucaradas,

And in the series of tips and skin care, today I choose tips and care to take at the beach, after all it's high summer and you need extra care, after all who doesn't love a beach? I really love it, even though I don't go there as much as I'd like, I love feeling the sand on my feet, the salty sea water, the sun caressing my skin, wearing that new bikini, drinking cold coconut water and listening to the music. from the sea as if it were a hug and bringing that peace that I needed, reading a book in the late afternoon under the tent enjoying the sunset, different possibilities for tranquility and reflection that I love, but I know there are people who love sunbathing, full beach, getting sunburned, having that little mark, having beach hair, yes, the beach is free and for all tribes and tastes.

So Ju, help me with what care we need to take so our skin doesn't suffer this summer and stays beautiful and healthy even in this super hot season. Firstly, always wear sunscreen, on your face and body. To take care of your skin on the beach and keep it protected, face sunscreens, such as oil free ones, are essential, as they make your skin less oily. Even if you wear a hat or cap, the sun's rays reflected from the sand also reach your skin, so you can't do without this product. And yes, hats and caps are also essential, sun protection on your hair, and visors and straw hats are great for letting your hair breathe and not dry out or become brittle.

You also can't miss the Ditoi disposable face towels, they help remove salt from the face, clean the eyes, care for the skin to hydrate and replenish sun protection, Get all the benefits of Ditoi disposable face towels. These dry makeup remover wipes are formulated with 100% biodegradable natural fibers to help leave skin feeling soft and smooth. These cleaning cloths towelettes with no fragrance and no added chemical or fluorescent dye are suitable for all skin types. With high-temperature steam sterilization technology, these dry cleansing wipes are the dermatologist-approved hygienic way to cleanse acne-prone skin. Gently move these textured dry cleansing wipes across your skin - no harsh rubbing is required. This is an all-in-one towel for wiping hands, personal care, baby care, household cleaning, travel, and outdoor activities. Being great and important for the whole family and can be used on any occasion.

And finally, lots of moisturizer after leaving the beach and taking a shower. Skin hydration is one of the main treatments for those who suffer from the consequences of too much sun, with it it is possible to calm the skin and help it recover from the damage caused by long exposure to UV rays.

This way you can stay beautiful and healthy after a wonderful day at the beach.

Beijos Açucarados!