21 agosto 2023


 Hello Açucaradas,

Nothing like starting the week off right with an inclusive post. I'm from the fashion for everyone team, which if the store doesn't have it for everyone, it doesn't even have it for me, I think 2023 sucks and the retro thoughts are coming back with everything, seriously, instead of evolving, are we going backwards? That's why I hit the key of educating and respecting everyone, for me all stores have to go from XS to 6x, because different bodies and personalities have to be embraced and loved by everyone. And today's store is Shapellx, since I was 15 years old I'm adept at wearing shorts, girdles, everything for my comfort, but years ago everything was zero comfort and I suffered, thankfully everything has improved a lot and we have the best best butt lifting shapewear super comfortable shapewear that hugs our body with zero suffering.

One of the things I liked the most is that all body shaping bodysuit pieces have neutral colors to use without marking the clothes, everything is nude, black or white, and of course some pieces have colors that we love, because colors were made to be used, apart from the perfect range of sizes already discussed. There are Bodysuits, panties, shorts, PowerConceal, Dress, to wear hidden or 100% on display with great elegance and sophistication, even clothes for working out the store has, all made with the best materials and technology on the market.

I already want booty shaping shorts for myself, I'm 100% adept at skirts and dresses and I have thick legs and that causes me super diaper rash, and I thought this one was great, it shapes the body, it adjusts to your waist without hurting, if you're more swollen is just regular, it's sexy, with lace details that make the piece more beautiful and don't mark and still make you comfortable, being a perfect combo for everyday life and wearing it on warmer days with my dresses and skirts without fear to be uncomfortable.

The store has great prices, worldwide delivery and several payment and delivery methods for your best convenience. It has a table of measurements, fabric information, height, it fits all sizes from the skinniest to the pluss, embracing all bodies, I value stores like this a lot.
           Come and meet her and be enchant by her, and tell me what you most wanted and want in your closet to use in your day to day, exercise, gym, walk, yoga.
I'm wanting too many pieces like this and I'm definitely going to guarantee several for myself and I want to know which one you fell in love with and bought, tell me!!!! Tag me on the networks so I can see and share your perfect finds and purchases.

Beijos Açucarados!

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