15 junho 2023

Try 3D flowers Quinceanera Dresses 2023 in different color!

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I always talk here on the bog about quinceañera, I bring the dresses of dreams, but I never explained what it is about, so today I take the opportunity and bring you a little about the history and tradition and of course the 2023 quinceanera dresses, because in fact, we need to know which ones the ones that are being most wanted and used! So come with me to delight in this post and learn about everything!

The term “quinceañera” corresponds to a girl who is turning fifteen and, consequently, is also related to the celebration of this very important moment in her life. Especially because, for the inhabitants of Latin countries, this party traditionally marks their maturity, making them ready to assume responsibilities and representing this transition.
In general, the fiesta de quince años is equivalent to a debutante ball and can be celebrated by people from all social strata – contrary to ancient customs, which reserved this type of event only for the wealthiest families.
Thus, in view of this scenario, numerous customs are established. Everything to make the party even more traditional and make this moment be marked both by the birthday girl's personality and by socially institutionalized norms.

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3D flowers Quinceanera Dresses 2023:

The Customs of this party, may vary by region, religion and countries. Every culture has its own!

A quinceañera usually begins with a church service to give thanks for the life of the girl, who is making the transition and becoming a young woman. After this moment, the guests go to a hall where the party will be held, as is customary at weddings.
At this event, it is common for a group of young men to accompany the debutante, performing a choreographed dance with her. In addition, the birthday girl is also presented with a doll that will represent her last and she will pass this item on to a sister or another younger member of the family – a behavior that was also performed in Brazil, decades ago.

In Colombia:

At a certain point in the party, there is a la hora loca, where guests wear masks or funny wigs while fast music is played. Here, this period is one of pure relaxation and has even become a tradition at every party here in Brazil.

In Argentine:

The birthday girl gives a candle to each of the fifteen people she considers most influential in her life. She usually gives a speech, usually dedicated to each of these individuals.

In Mexico:

The debutante needs to break fifteen little piñatas, one for each year of her life, signifying everything she left behind. Can you imagine the mess this can bring in the end? I found it fun and I want to do it even at 33 years old lol.

Dominican Republic:

At the birthday party, the girl enters the party accompanied by fourteen pairs of guests who, together with the teenager's companion, add up to fifteen couples. Thus, they perform a choreography for those present – another custom that has also become popular here in Brazil.

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