03 janeiro 2022


Hello Açucaradas,

New year and everything new! Well I like some new items every year, cleaning the closet, taking out what I don't use and don't want in my life and bringing some items that I need in my life or need, for example, on my last trip I missed some things in my suitcase, my style has also changed a lot, I've noticed that I've been really abandoning some pieces and giving value to others and so I start another year with small changes that make a lot of differences in my life and as always BerryLook, former partner of the blog and store that I trust a lot, is always ready to save me and give new life to my closet.

I'm going to share something with you, I don't see any fun in common stores anymore, I went to get a piece to wear in the New Year and I realized that nothing pleased me or I was surprised, finding everything expensive, quite literally I became the one that only shop online, I prefer it to stores that have women clothing online, I think there is more variety, more pieces in my style and cheap clothes that make a difference in my pocket, I used to be a mouse of stores, but today I prefer to venture online and I get more satisfied, less crowded stores, sellers on top and high prices and more varieties and fair prices and discount coupons.
And so my year begins in search of the best women's long winter coats, as I said, I missed this type of piece in my wardrobe, I need more chic and elaborate pieces because I intend to travel to colder places like this year and I feel I have a big one I defict this type of piece in my life and of course I take advantage of the store's best in the market and several options (I even included my favorites in this post) to have a lot of style and elegance on the next trips and not be afraid of getting ugly or getting cold .

If you're looking for different pieces for your wardrobe or to give a gift to someone you love, it's worth visiting the site quickly and taking a few minutes to get to know all its categories better, and see how good the reviews are. and true, I await the purchase there and of course the promotion of this promotion.
All with great taste and excellence to earn our trust, in addition to the store having great prices, worldwide delivery and various forms of payment and delivery for your convenience. Come meet her and be delighted, and tell me which piece you most desired or want the one you love? Curious about your choices, tell me!

Beijos Açucarados!

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