28 janeiro 2022


Hello Açucaradas,

And I love different makeup, well you know that, I love colors, textures, styles, although I'm not good at doing very elaborate makeup, I always try and have fun doing it, I like to play with colors and invent, I've even used nail stickers to making makeup, that's why I collect colored eyeliners and I'm addicted to pencils of all colors, I think it's a really fun way to wear makeup and venture into something different. I know that many people are still classic and nude, some are afraid of the different, I always say that to start changing and getting out of the comfort zone, start with small details, a little color that you love a lot and so over time, you you will start to get involved and play in the different always, without fear of judgments and will have fun with the makeup.

I've always had fear and difficulty with eyelashes, so I never used them, this year I learned a simple way to use them and now I don't want another life, eyelashes change the makeup too much, turn a simple one into a luxury, make the look more sexy and powerful . Look, it's something that once you learn to use it, you don't want another life, you just want to use them. And with that I have fun with the different types of lashes with decals, a new discovery, I always see them in K-Pop clips, I saw them in the movie The Hunger Games and now I want them in my eyes, I think they are beautiful, fun and there are two more discreet ones , even the most extravagant ones.

Aren't they the face of our carnival? Perfect to be used and abused in the blocks, at parties, you don't even need a costume because they already steal the scene, I already want one of each, besides that you can use it on a daily basis, yes, at a special party, at the moment you want , they are the most beautiful thing and you can use them dozens of times, one cuter than the other and that gives that touch that sometimes is missing in our eyes, I'm completely in love and crazy to have stars, flowers and butterflies in my eyes .

 If you are looking for different lashes for your makeup or to give as a gift to someone you love, it is worth visiting their website quickly and taking a few minutes to get to know their categories, and see that the lashes are good and true, I look forward to buying there and of course produce what you most desired or want that you adore? Curious about your choices, let me know!

Beijos Açucarados!

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  1. já fui bem curiosa visitar o site da loja haha
    eu ameeei isso, não conhecia

    A mina de fé

  2. Nem te sei dizer qual foi a que mais gostei, são sugestões bastante bonitas
    Novo post
    Tem Post Novos Diariamente

  3. Super a cara dos bloquinhos de Carnaval Juliana!
    Amei a terceira, com as mini-flores. :)

  4. Me gusto el ultimo ojo. Te mando un beso.

  5. Que tudoooo esses cílios!
    Nunca tinha visto nada parecido, amei amei :)