29 outubro 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

I'm on a trip, yes after almost two years I'm literally going to get on a plane and I'm super anxious and happy about it, the trip is through Brazil and already thinking about all the cool content I'll bring you, but I'll assume what is What makes me more anxious is about my looks, after so long without going out and seeing other places I realize that I need some new items for my suitcase and with that I went to get these pieces I need and I came across one of my favorite stores with lots of amazing promotions and new collections, well I love sharing it here on the blog, as you know, I love everything about Prestarrs, what an amazing store, always has the best finds and everything we need in times of emergency. To help and my happiness, they have a new collection of women's long sleeve blouses, I freaked out with the new releases and the new collection, from romantic pieces, to the most modern ones, and the classic ones are my favorites. I want several and the prices can all fit in my pocket.

What really won me over and of course I filled this post with the most inspiring photos are the new trends in womens fashion coats, help that the most beautiful coats are super elegant, modern, warm, everything I've been wanting and needing in my bag, alert from spoiler is a cold place and counting the days to put on several beautiful coats and take very rich photos with them, I don't know which one is my favorite and my card cries with happiness with the prices. I love this store and of course I would share the best of it with you.

Tell me what do you think? To fall in love? Would you use it in your day to day or just in special moments? Well, some models that I use quietly in my day-to-day and others - when I want to feel super important, the store, in addition to clothes, has amazing accessories. They are delivered worldwide and have several payment methods, size charts, plus Pluss Size inclusions, as well as express delivery, so you can buy and don't be afraid to arrive on time. Everything with the security you need for a purchase.

Beijos Açucarados!

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  1. Vou espreitar... Ando a precisar de renovar os meus casacos!

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  2. Que casacos lindos. Eu amo a elegância que eles passam

  3. Nossa que lindos.
    Conheço a loja e adoro dar uma olhada.

  4. These coats look amazing. I would like to have all of them.