12 outubro 2021

 Hello Açucaradas, 

And there's nothing like starting the month with wonderful tips full of beauty! Well since it's Halloween month, there's nothing like bringing a store specializing in a unique style that for many can be a fantasy for this time and for others a lifestyle, with you LolitaKnot, a store full of clothes in the best vintage style, the store has the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen in this style, the lolita dress is amazing and completely passionate, when I visited the store I got breathless and with an air in love with everything there. They are the most well-made and unique models you can imagine, perfect for those in love with retro dresses, unique and imaginable. If you are passionate about mangas, cosplay, period books, this store was made and thought for you.

In times of Halloween and costume parties, it's a great store to venture out and have a unique and extravagant look, the store has an amazing selection of gothic lolita dress, perfect for you to rock this time of year, all very well prepared, fanciful and fun for you to be a beautiful little witch, or a cheeky duent, or an evil queen, I kept wishing for several, for me to use thinking I'm at Hogwarts, seriously I can't handle it. Ju I don't want to be a witch, I want to wear something more cheerful, fun and colorful, relax that the store has the sweet lolita dress collection that looks like it came out of the Alice in Wonderland movies, as they are beautiful, fun, cute and full of personality, a mix of Violet Evergarden with the Fantastica Chocolate Factory, you can be a princess, a fairy, a bunny, our enchanted and of course already passing the card to have one of these to call mine and use in the carnival.

Of course, the store is a style that can be momentary or yours, several pieces can be used in everyday life or special moments, depending on your personality and desire.

Tell me, what do you think? Fall in love? Would you use it in your day to day or only in special moments or costume parties? Well, some models I use quietly in my day to day, the store besides clothes, has amazing accessories. They deliver worldwide and have several payment methods, size tables, and inclusion in Pluss Size sizes, as well as express delivery, so you can buy and not be afraid to arrive on time. Everything with the security you need for a purchase.

Beijos Açucarados!

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