12 julho 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

You know that I love sharing with you the best discoveries and that includes stores, products, makeup, everything in general.
And today I bring you Theusgirl, a wonderful store, ultra beachy, expensive from Rio de Janeiro, super fashion, full of stylish pieces, for all tastes and personalities just the way we love.
And the store is just like us, with that wonderful style, a beautiful site, with easy navigation, and that we can enjoy all year round, because even if it's not summer, Rio is hot all year long, apart from those trips or getaways to places hot during the year we want to use beautiful and stylish pieces to rock instagram photos.
So when I saw that they have the pieces of my dreams I freaked out and I madly wished for several for my life, everything is very installable.
And of course, I made a wishlist, with some wonderful pieces from this store that I'm really looking forward to and I want to wear a lot this summer and all year, with the right to sexy beachwear, since here in Rio there's no shortage of heat, for all bodies, beauties and styles.

A and they don't just have beachwear, they have accessories, t-shirts, shorts, everything for your complete look and rock out there with everything and without spending too much!

 When I saw these five models of bikinis different from what I'm used to seeing here in the national market, I was too crazy wishing for them all, this print with the nude top would definitely wear his top in my daily life with a powerful midi skirt and sneakers or sandals and this brown with ruffles, fact would be my bikini diva of the cinema, these models wider on the sides and with straps are mega beautiful and full of style and we deserve to have in our lives!

These bathing suits and bikinis that go on and off the beach are great companions on hot days being versatile pieces that become bodies later, another thing I'm passionate about and addicted to is hot pants bikini which I think are extremely chic and have already become classics for this time, being sexeis to wear with sheer skirts and high heels, being a great choice for hot nights and wonderful ballads.

The store has great prices, delivers worldwide and has several forms of payment and delivery for your best convenience. Come meet and be delighted with her, and tell me what you most wanted and want in your closet?

Beijos Açucarados!

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  1. Tem biquínis e fatos de banho muito bonitos! Completly in love! 😍