05 julho 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

I always come here and write to you about clothes and shoes, but a look doesn't live on that alone.
We need the accessories, which can be a bag, an earring, a necklace, a hat, that's right, today I'm going to talk about accessories, pieces that I love and use a lot. Sometimes I'm a team ring other earrings, sometimes both, I'm a lot of moments and seasons. Accessories have been part of my life for years, when I was young, I loved to wear huge earrings, strings that matched them and I had a box full of different and flashy rings, I wore a lot, I also had the phase of colored plastic bracelets, I loved, I wore a lot of Same time. When I started working, I stopped it was just small earrings and discreet pieces, a very boring phase of my life and without color, until I returned to rediscover the accessories, throw myself in them again, today I like some key and more basic pieces, I have one a cord that I don't take off my neck, the earrings have multiplied in the ears and the wedding ring enters.

But when I go out there are other items, like many bracelets (some things never change) the earrings change and today I see myself wearing accessories that I didn't wear like Hats that's right and looking for some new accessories I knew Bladesgo, a store with a very websterm footprint , boho, for those who love a cooler style with a lot of personality. I'm completely addicted to this store, with a cart full of pieces with the beautiful bags the store has, the belts and earrings, rings so I want them all and of course I share with you some perfect choices to complement your basic everyday look.

And of course there is a discount for you, just use the coupon on your purchases and pay the best value!

code:Juli20   20% OFF for all products

Of course, the store goes beyond accessories, it also has beautiful clothes, several wonderful promotions, worldwide delivery and great discounts, this time I wanted to focus on accessories, as it was what I loved most about Bladesgo, and I identified myself, but it's a lot of personal taste, that's why I recommend going to the store and getting to know her better and falling in love with all the possibilities she gives you.

Beijos Açucarados!

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