12 maio 2021

Buy a Wig for the First Time!

Hello Açucaradas,

I always make posts for you praising and presenting several Wigs stores, which is super cool and interesting, because I am here to share with you always the best information, stores, fashions, trends, first hand and help when it comes to buying . But I also believe that I should go further and bring you not only the stores, but help when it comes to buying and knowing why you want to buy your first Lace Front Wigs. I have to go further and help you in this process, because it goes beyond desire, I speak with high esteem and courage to invest in the new. So I make this post today with some tips to help you choose your first Wigs from several that you want to have in your life.

With the goodness of Big Brother Brasil we saw Camila carrying a suitcase full of laces, Ludmilla rocking with a short one that I seriously want for myself (miss short hair, but without the courage to cut it now lol), we saw debates on the internet about the Beautiful Wigs paraded around the house, where the sisters threw themselves without fear of being happy. And I think it’s super fair, sometimes we really want to change but we don’t have the courage to change hair color, to cut, afraid of going wrong and not looking good, I assume I’m kind of crazy and super do it quietly, but I know that the vast majority of the population does not have that courage, imagine the Brazilians who are super attached to big hair and their natural color or dare in blond? They never give up their hair almost ever, so the Wigs came to give this injection of courage and help the woman to dare and keep her hair intact and can transform at the time she most wants, whether for a day or a week, the Wigs came for this, this injection of self-esteem and fun for women who want to change and do not have as much courage or for those who love to be several women at different times in their life or in one day.

How does a Wigs work?

In Lace front Wigs, the fabric where the threads are glued is all over the cap, which completely covers natural hair. The strands are glued one by one, which is why the wig allows for much more voluminous and natural hair, which can be thrown to any side of the head, even allowing hairstyles like buns and ponytails. Despite the more intense manual work, the wig is applied with a specific glue on the head in about 20 minutes. Natural hair is braided and protected by a cap.


The Lace Front Wigs expiration date, who does it, is the customer! According to hair experts, the wig is stuck to the head for about seven days, but it is possible to prolong its durability. Generally, it starts to peel off by itself, so you can do maintenance as it peels off: just clean the peeled area with a cotton swab, for example, and then apply the glue again.


While celebrities rock the look change for advertising campaigns, photos on social media, and the red carpet for awards and other events, we, in real life, can also bet on full lace on a special occasion or in your daily life as you wish. For those who always dreamed of changing hair color or radicalizing in a modern cut, how about betting on the accessory on the birthday or at the graduation party? Wigs can also be welcome for brides who want to go up to the altar with a different look, but are afraid to face the scissors or bet on dyes, to use for graduations, special moments, or to use for their daily work, or play on instagram, tiktok and your youtube channel, where your imagination and desire want to use.

Now I will help you with some different models to help you when choosing the best one and know which one you will adapt!

What is the Lace Wig, lace front, full lace wig?

What is lace front?

Lace Front, is a type of modern wig, with lace (small screen) only on the front, imitating scalp.

What is a full lace?

Full Lace is a type of wig with the base all in lace (small screen). The hair weave is done strand by strand, which makes it look like the strands come out of your scalp. With this type of wig, you can use any type of hairstyle, including high ponytail. When placed, we have the impression that the hair is really yours.

The best way to use this type of lace is pasting, but it can also be used with the little wigs.

What is wig?

It looks very much like a normal wig, only more modern than the old ones that didn't have such a modern cape. Even so, she has also been overtaken by not having a screen, she is complete (it is not half) preventing her from putting a little hair in front like the half wig (which is a wig in half).

It has no imitation of scalp, that little natural screen in the front. However, there are several models that still present a certain naturalness.

And at Heyhair7 you only find models of real humans hair wigs at the best prices, that's right, they work with Best Humans hair wigs begginers for you to rock around with the best wigs without looking artificial or strange, they are committed to the quality of its products bringing to its consumer the best wigs laces in the world. The store is simple to navigate, has easy communication, has several forms of payments, great promotions in relation to shipping and gives you all sales and post support that is super important. If you want to take your daring side out and start investing in laces, I recommend you the best, that you will certainly not regret.

Beijos Açucarados!

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