21 abril 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

Change, that is the question, many people are super attached to their current look and are afraid to dare, I am zero attached to my hair myself, I belong to the team that grows hair, she loves using different haircuts, I have had hair since joãozinho until long at the hip, if the crazy dye my hair, I was blonde, bright, red fox, red red, I had pink hair, dream of painting blue, zero fear of changing and playing without fear of being happy , but I assume that for some changes I’m afraid, I don’t know the fear of going wrong is great and that’s why I’m super thinking about playing in laces, yes I really want some, even for photos and inventing at home for photos for social networks, with that I went to invest in investigative consumption and met an incredible store that I must urgently present to you.

I present to you Heyhair7, that clean store, I was looking at your site and I loved it because it has a very light, clean footprint, without 800 information that makes us crazy, it is very light, easy to navigate, simple and that gives us confidence as soon as we entered it, i loved its aesthetics and for that reason i am commenting on that, i love stores that give us this tranquility at the time of purchase. It is super worth browsing it just to know and be enchanted.

The store specializes in Use and Share of Transparent Lace Wig, which I found incredible, I assume I don't understand much about the subject, but researching I found that they are the best on the market, they are super natural, it doesn't even look like you are wearing lace and they think easily that is your hair, the one you look at and find, it was born that way. It has for different styles, from the most basic, long, short, natural or blonde colors, with highlights or effects, it goes with your style and as much as you want to dare, I freaked out on all but I want one with lighter patches, I even think to be blonde again , but the hair hangs a lot, more with these wigs, I will have the best of both worlds and my original hair will be protected and I will be able to parade with different locks without fear of being happy.

I can't wait to have a lace front wigs, ours I spent hours in this session dating their different types, they fit perfectly on the head, I was looking at different models and delighted by their finish and trim, they come well packaged and cared for, so as not to have no problem and no damage, at home as soon as you arrive just take care of your hair as your natural hair and they will last for different generations. They are great, with the best humam hair materials and the store is super specialized in human hair wigs, that's right, with natural hair, which makes them more special and worth every penny invested. They have 200% density, pre plucked hairline, full texture, and are the best on the market.

The store is committed to helping you find the best in wigs, hairpieces and extensions. Whether you are new to using it or not, they have expert tips and guides that will surely help you make the right choices. Several wig experts are licensed cosmetologists, professional hairdressers, and wig lovers. With this team, they can offer the best selection of brands and styles, as well as useful guides and tips. And they always share their favorites with you - tested by the best of your team and experts!

Having excellent shopping experience is your top priority. They strive to bring you the best images, videos and guides to help you find exactly what you are looking for. They want each and every one of their customers to look fabulous. If you have any suggestions, they accept and are open to them.

They deliver worldwide, there are always free shipping promotions and sales of laces and wigs for all tastes and styles. You don't need to be afraid to change anymore, it's just if you play in different laces that you will have different hair every day without ruining your natural hair, with different forms of payments that fit in your pocket.

You are in the process of changes, transition or tired of the current appearance, get to know the world of laces!

It has from Best Human hair, from straight to curly, from short to long, all of very good taste and well made and for sure you will find one that fits in your pocket and style, I assume I already want several here at home, I want use them all without fear of being happy.
Beijos Açucarados!


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