25 fevereiro 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

I think it's funny that everyone says I'm the queen of the dresses lol, but I don't even see myself like that. Yes, I am completely passionate about the pieces, I like their practicality, not needing much to get dressed, just get this one piece and ready, it’s already done, so I have several, for practicality, I don’t like many details and I am even very basic in relation to that, in the last few years i realize that i'm even more demanding and practical, running away from some more complicated fabrics and preferring more peaceful pieces to use, my favorites are vintage models or very basic ones even for everyday use , I also love prints, since I'm not much of accessories, they help to color my looks and make me modern without much effort.

In the last week I cleaned my closet and took out several that didn't fit me anymore or that just didn't suit me anymore and with that I opened a big space in my closet and a nice excuse to buy some new models lol. So this post, of course, I found some wonderful ones and I really wanted to share with you. Of course I'm always looking for cheap clothing online, because the income is short and I'm not a fan of paying too much for clothes, I'm a quantity team, so I found several cheap dresses online and made a beautiful selection of my favorites in this post for you after all, it is not every day that we find wildcard items with the best price.

My Choices:

Beijos Açucarados!


5 comentários:

  1. Que sim essa loja tem mesmo modelos bastante bonitos de peças, nem sei qual gostei mais
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Jak ja Dawno Pani nie odwiedzałam a u Pani tak ślicznie i Pani wciąż świeża i młoda.

  3. Gostei muito, gosto muito de vestidos estampados, tenho alguns.