28 dezembro 2020

Velvet Long Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress!

 Hello Açucaradas,

And last week I took a little break, to rest my mind and body, but this week I'm back with everything, with lots of good things to close the year the way it deserves, full of wonderful posts!
And of course I was going to end the year with a powerful post from a partner store. For nothing like a beautiful dress to make our closet happier!

Nothing like a The winter velvet bridesmaid dress with long sleeves is one renaissance of 90s trends. As you know I have been completely addicted to the 90s fashion for at least two years, my closet, which was always very vintage, was even more with pieces that remind me of that time, and when I saw this powerful dress, I couldn't resist and freaked out . How beautiful he is, wanting in different colors. Apart from the other models of the brand in the same or different fabric, Alfabridal, always surprises me with their dresses, they always take my breath away and even though it is an online store, it seems that it was made and modeled on our body.

I love a velvet long sleeve bridesmaid dress, I think it's so beautiful, even in the hot climate here in Brazil, I keep wishing for one to call my own, even if it's just for photos. It is a dress that can be used at weddings, graduations, gala parties, for a romantic dinner or to produce yourself for amazing photos and use at home, it doesn’t matter, it’s perfect and can’t stay in the closet collecting dust, it’s a dress for be seen and admired, that dress that embraces your body, makes you more beautiful, powerful, perfect for a woman with an attitude like you are, has a classic footprint and is perfect with different types of accessories, from the smallest and simplest, to the biggest.

It's really worth it for that quick trip on their website and to spend a few minutes getting to know all of its categories better, your ratings are very good and I can't wait to do my shopping there.
All with great taste and excellence to win our trust and make us more beautiful in any situation.

Beijos Açucarados!

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