03 dezembro 2020


Hello Açucaradas,

And you know that I am passionate about hair changes, I love to change, to be different, but at the same time many changes can harm our natural hair or we want to have long and short hair at the same time or have a hair color every day and that it may be possible and it will not cost either our hair or our kidneys lol. With you UniWigs, a super cute online store of natural hair wigs.

The store has different Wigs, with surprising quality for you to venture out without fear. The synthetic wigs, are a great option for your pocket, they look natural, they are so good that they are, if you have a more daring style, you also have the fashion wigs option that are the ones that I most want, as they are wonderful and fun. Too delighted with the laces of this store!

Do you want to change and have short hair today, tomorrow blond the other day curly or short?
Come and visit this store that will give you all the hair you dreamed of without spending a lot.
The store delivers all over the world, has several forms of payments and has for all budgets and styles, just get to know and throw yourself into it without fear of being happy and going out stylish.
And of course I made a wishlist with several models for you to meet and fall in love with, I love to change so I already want to go out each day with a different type of lace or wigs.

I chose three different models that I would use easily, among them a super hyper long one, to go training for the Rapunzel Project a super curly one, because I think beautiful curls and who knows to have this experience and a long wavy one, that I think this hair type mega diva , I want to feel like a super pop star with those hair blowing.

Beijos Açucarados!


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