14 novembro 2020

Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses, For You!

Hello Açucaradas,

And after dresses of velvet, tulle, fluid, from sexy to romance, today I present to you one more collection from Alfabride, a mixture of both in which it will take your breath away, from the shortest to the longest, in that selection of colors that the store has that makes us freak out. Well, I think I better end the mystery and present you the sequin bridesmaid dresses collection, which made me sigh more deeply and wish with all my strength.

I love a sparkle and I know that as I must have several who love it too, it’s not that exaggerated sparkle it’s that discreet one, although a long paete makes me freak out and an old dress like that, I assume there’s been a time dating pieces like this on the internet and when I saw those pieces I freaked out. It has everything from the cutest fluffy one that I swear easy use for a dinner with the boy, even in small details in a most romantic piece perfect for being a bridesmaid, graduations, even the sexiest of all, modeling your body from the feet to the cleavage full brightness and power.

And of course, I made a wishlist, with some wonderful pieces from this store that I am wishing for too much.

PS: I already want this short blue (my card) urgently in my life, perfect for my new year!

They are perfect dresses, for weddings, graduations and debutante parties, all very well done and with super fair prices. The true dresses of dreams that will enchant and sigh you.

What's up? Tell me what you loved most in this store, difficult to choose one, the desire is to go out buying everything !!! Other than that it delivers in all countries and has several forms of payment.

Everything from the way we love !!!

Beijos Açucarados!


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