28 outubro 2020

Velvet Bridesmaid Gowns!

Hello Açucaradas,

Me and that eternal search for the dream dress, there are times that I keep thinking, why am I looking for a dress so much? But I will be very sincere, in my free time in the absence of what to do, I have fun looking at different sites, dating various pieces on the internet, dreaming of different dresses, imagining myself in them, I have done this since I was a child, the difference I used to make with fashion magazines and nowadays I do it online. Lately I've been loving the Alfabridal website, what a beautiful store with the dresses I dream of and a lot about having in my closet, I will still have some of them, how fabulous they are!

The velvet bridesmaid gowns are my wishes for the time, I like how velvet looks good in photographs and models and designs the body, the store has beautiful models that I keep imagining in them, and the best part is that it has something for everyone , styles, sizes and various forms of payment, which increases the torture of having one of them to have at least one model. Besides, they are models that can be used both as bridesmaids, graduations, weddings, holiday parties and important events and pieces that do not need much to make you glamorous and powerful.

It is worth visiting the store, its pieces and be aware of new trends and now enjoy the best prices and have that piece for the next events, I always research and make my cart to enjoy the best moments, no matter if you are classic or bold, you will find a velvet dress to call yours in your favorite color and that always makes it more beautiful.

Beijos Açucarados!


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  1. Tem um corde de vestido bastante bonito, mas não é de todo o que gosto de usar
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  2. Que vestidos lindos e chiques, né? Adorei!

    Vem ver meu último post? 💚🌵