16 outubro 2020

Top 5 velvet bridesmaid dresses from Alfabridal!

Hello Açucaradas,

And nothing like closing the week with a post full of beautiful pieces, fashion tips and that special touch. After a difficult week, I thought about bringing something light for us, I needed it, for my mind and to share good things.

As you know, I am in love with dresses, it is my favorite piece of life, I like practicality, of course, but it goes beyond that, I like it because it doesn't need much to look beautiful and powerful, it can be light and at the same time more heavy, for a simple model can turn spectacular with a simple touch and a change of accessories, several reasons can transform a dress.

And behold, my new desire for dresses are velvet, I am in love with this type of model, I find it so chic and sensual that I spend hours dating different types of models on the internet!

And that's how I found these velvet bridesmaid dresses, in Alfabirdal, as they are everything that was missing in my closet, there are from closed models to colder days, like the sexiest and low-cut ones, which perfectly match the tropical climate here.

Besides that they have a great price, apart from the perfect fit for the body, as they are elegant and the fabric looks perfect, a hug to your body, this type of dress, with a jewel, is to be the center of attention, without nothing they gain all the prominence, out that it blends perfectly from the most classic to the most modern, literally perfect for all tastes and styles, and it is still divine in all bodies, a piece without prejudice, made for all and with all the care that we want with an outfit.

 Tell me, do you love dresses? Do you want any of these to call yours? I want them all for me, to feel powerful and embraced by one of those dresses that took my breath away!

Beijos Açucarados!

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  1. Não é mesmo que tem modelos bastante bonitos
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Que vestidos lindooos ♥
    Quando será que iremos poder nos vestir chiques assim pra ir num festa né? :/


  3. um mais lindo que o outro, o segundo foi o que mais me encantou

    A mina de fé