06 novembro 2019


Hello Açucaradas,

And did you think I would no longer refer stores to you? Of course I will !!!

And today has a super tip of new store, this one I met a short time ago and already rolled love at first sight, with you Ninacloak, that store love, wanted to know her before traveling I assume, because there are several pieces that went crazy to use on my colder days.

They have pieces and collections so cute clothing you can not resist, I spent hours browsing this store and loving every detail, it is super easy to move their site and with all the information necessary to make a good purchase without error. It has measurement tables, values in various currencies and various languages that we can choose to make our life easier when navigating it.

And of course I went to the trendy sweaters session which is a kind of piece that I love to wear and I really chose their selection, so I said I had to know before the trip, because they were the types of coats I wanted in my bag and I wondered Beautiful looks you could have done with them.

Of course I made my top three with the pieces I already want and I was wishing madly and surely I will have to use the card to have them to call mine!
 With you my wish list of this store full of style and love!

Beijos Açucarados!

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