07 novembro 2019


Hello Açucaradas,

And if there's one thing I love about passion is Fall / Winter fashion, I love feeling chic, putting on clothes and feeling comfortable in it, getting ready to dress and being well dressed all day long, it seems bullshit, but when we live in a It's a warm place almost all year round, when opportunities come up if we play without fear of being happy!

And in the European continent and the United States is in this wonderful season, I miss you cold and with that the fashion there is full of trends and style and today I present to you a wonderful store that I had the pleasure to meet, with you Callabuy, what a beautiful store and organized, royal enchanted with her who has the best of all seasons and all countries!

It houses all over the world and has super cool prices, the way we like and to our happiness she is with a super promotion of womens coats sales, those coats and overcoats, beautiful that we see on instagram and pintrest and crazy wishing the same super stylish styles to use at this time of year North and of course I made that selection with my choices, the pieces that I want urgently in my closet, for yesterday, because I want to guarantee from now to when I have the opportunity to play without fear of being happy and feel super fancy with these pieces.

Because shop with cheap clothes for women we love so much

And I can say that were the best discoveries I made this week, expect no less from this store that has a lot of personality and everything we need in one place, with delivery worldwide, nothing but fair prices and great service.

 To help I made a wishlist with the pieces I found most powerful and charming!

Wanting everyone for yesterday in my life !!!!


Beijos Açucarados!

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