30 janeiro 2024

Face Care on a daily basis!

Hello Açucaradas,

E hoje fechamos o ciclo de cuidados com a pele, já teve academia, viagem, praia e em casa como você cuida do seu rosto? Você é preguiçosa? Tem uma arotina regrada? Se preocupa em ter os melhores cuidados ou deixa para depois? Bem vou tentar te ajudar com algumas dicas para cuidar do seu rosto como ele merece e precisa ser cuidado, mesmo com a rotina sem fim de cuidados com a casa ou com quem trabalha em home office.

The cool thing is to wake up and wash your face with water at natural temperature, and a very light facial soap for your skin type, I like gel-type liquids that do not harm the skin of the face at all, they are lighter and do not harm the skin, We sleep outside and it's just to remove acids from the skin at night. Then a lighter cream for the eye area, as it helps de-puff and lighten skin blemishes, then a hyaluronic acid to provide a lot of hydration, I like the serum format and to finish, a moisturizer with sunscreen, I'm not one to put on sunscreen At home, you don't need it, if you don't get the sun directly on your face there's no need, but if you stay in the sun, yes, you will need it. And during the day, use moisturizing spray, thermal water and clean your face with Ditoi disposable face towels, which are delicate and soft, made and designed for your daily care, which you can find at Ditoibeauty.com and we shouldn't be without them .

Get all the benefits of Ditoi disposable face towels. These dry makeup remover wipes are formulated with 100% biodegradable natural fibers to help leave skin feeling soft and smooth. These cleaning cloths towelettes with no fragrance and no added chemical or fluorescent dye are suitable for all skin types. With high-temperature steam sterilization technology, these dry cleansing wipes are the dermatologist-approved hygienic way to cleanse acne-prone skin. Gently move these textured dry cleansing wipes across your skin - no harsh rubbing is required. This is an all-in-one towel for wiping hands, personal care, baby care, household cleaning, travel, and outdoor activities.

Wet and dry dual-use in your everyday skincare routine by adding your favorite cleanser or lotion.
Extra absorbent and extra large size. Enough to dry your face & hands.
Sterile disposable dry face cleaner wipes to alleviate acne and breakouts for sensitive skin.
Suitable for beauty salons. Let your clients feel a cleaning experience like never before and stop using shared towels.

Beijos Açucarados!


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