29 março 2022


Hello Açucaradas,

The blog is everything to me, it brought me many wonderful things and one of them was to open my mind, today I make a point of bringing the best content for you, since I created it I had this in mind but over the years it will evolving, growing and improving, I get to know my audience better and it evolves and I went along, today I make a point of bringing diversity, adding you to everyone and no longer A or B, I see myself in another way and I am learning something every day different with you.
This comes with all the stores I bring to you, I always make a point of bringing stores that have diversity in their portfolio and embrace them all so that everyone has the opportunity to use the best and come out beautiful in the end.

Sculptshe is one of those stores, I love bringing her here on the blog and her releases are a store that has a product for everyone without discrimination, to make all women beautiful and powerful, they just brought the plus size waist trainer that are perfect pieces for training, wearing under clothes or not for the plus girls who are always left out and I found this amazing and deserves its space here on the blog.

The store also has the best accessories and clothes for your training, the double belt waist trainer has the best materials and certificates to make you more beautiful and safe and help shape your body and burn those calories you want so much with style. and quality, several pieces that go from basic to colorful, for all tastes and styles.

The brand still has a super launch of an amazing product that is very interesting, which is a waist trainer wrap, where you can adjust and use the way you find most comfortable, you can use it daily, to sleep, to improve tight posture and according to your body and how comfortable you are, I find it very interesting and I already want another one to call mine, I find it practical and easy, the store has videos helping you to know how to use it and still gives all the support. Apart from several different ones and so there are no expressions to say that it is not my size and I don't feel uncomfortable using it, because you can adapt it to your routine and your body, what's not to love? As your excuses are over for wearing something that will only bring you great benefits, this store has the best options for you from straps and clothes and one to bring your body, health and self esteem.

Beijos Açucarados!


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