08 março 2021


Hello Açucaradas,

My way of dressing has changed a lot in the last few months, in fact in the last few years, something natural to happen, the age, the passing of the years, helps us a lot to change the way we see our closet. And when I say that it has changed and that it has changed even since my garments were worn. Even my shoes have changed and what I research or buy to use. In the past I liked exuberant, powerful pieces, mega high heels and today I prefer the classics and comfort, I have a huge crush on the vintage shoes models, they match me too, apart from having the footprint that I love most, that classic touch, and comfort above of everything.

Another model that I am completely addicted to and now part of my looks are cute sandals, before I wrinkled my nose at them and now I don't want to take them off my feet anymore. It is literally a set of beauty, style and comfort with simpler heels that do not hurt my feet. Besides that they look beautiful, from looks for everyday life, to tidier parties, if before I only lived in sneakers, I can already see that now I only wear sandals. I feel more tidy and I like this balance in looks and in my day to day. As I'm making it very clear, I rethought too much about how to dress and some items that I didn't value anymore, now I'm back to using and loving.

I even cleaned my shoes, donated several, others fell apart and had to throw them away, with that I felt lighter and gave space to invest in new models that match me more, I did a search on the internet that became my escape valve and a super companion these days and I found in the shoessee, the shoes and sandals that were missing in my life. I even made a wish list with some perfect models for my new stage, I could say, models with lower heels and ultra comfortable, some more powerful models that combine with basic looks and give a more than special touch. Perfect for walking from those jeans to my most rounded dresses, models that can be used on a date with the boy or a trip to the mall with friends, even a trip to the cinema with my best company, myself.

 Beijos Açucarados!

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  1. Que sim são modelos bem diferentes, mas bonitos
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  2. Ainda não conhecia essa loja de sapatos, mas gostei dos modelos e vou dar uma olhadinha.
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  3. Ju, amei os modelos das sandálias, confesso que amei muito mais o primeiro, super combina comigo e achei bem confortável.


    1. Também achei super fofa e cara de que não machuca

      Beijos Açucarados!