13 outubro 2020


Hello Açucaradas,

Look here at home is a drama is to buy clothes for my husband, he is very demanding and sometimes what is in fashion does not please him, then it ends up being a struggle and in the end we did not buy anything, because nothing served or stayed I like him, with that, I’m always looking on the internet looking for pieces that he likes and uses, of course always with good prices and quality, because we want pieces that last, but at the same time they are not too expensive and yes, within our budget.

And in that search I found the Wayrates store, specialized in men's clothing and exactly his taste, practical pieces, with enough pockets, style and powerful. They are known as tactical clothing, a more powerful and modern style, but at the same time very classic. The kind of clothes he loves, he loves a good cargo shorts, pants that he can go to the mall and go camping on, all comfortable and that he can carry his stuff without stress or fear of losing.

Another thing that he loved in the store and already asked me for as a gift was the mens tactical boots, he loves this type of hiking boots and says that they are the most comfortable to walk around, he freaked out when he saw the ones in this store, a more powerful one that the other, and the way that every adventurous man likes, making every penny count and giving that powerful touch to men of style, ranges from the simplest, to the most detailed, with different colors, sizes and presentations.

 It is worth a quick visit to their website and spend a few minutes getting to know all their categories better, and see that the reviews are good and true, and I can't wait to do some shopping for the boy over there and of course take advantage of these unmissable promotions.

All with great taste and excellence to win our trust, in addition the store has great prices, delivery worldwide and has several forms of payment and delivery for your convenience. Come and meet her and be delighted, and tell me what you most desired and want in your closet or give gifts to those you love and what you will like about this powerful new collection?

Beijos Açucarados!

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