12 outubro 2020


Hello Açucaradas,

I've always been adept at braces and modelers, it's something that makes me feel good, I don't like wearing a dress and feeling my belly loose in it, or working out with lower-waisted pants, I find it aesthetically weird, so I feel really tight lol, outside that an adolescence wearing mega low pants, left me with an undesirable pack, and since I don’t have the courage and money to make a lipo and get rid of it, I’m going to wear a belt that is much more affordable and very effective.

With that I am always looking for new and interesting models, and in my search I met FeelinGirl, a store specializing in modelers, straps, fitness clothes, everything to make you more beautiful and with the body of dreams, pieces that go beyond aesthetics and help with posture and the best pieces for your high esteem.

Browsing the store, I found a  best bodysuit shapewear, I found it incredible the selection of pieces that transform the body without suffering, dress very well, has comfortable fabric that does not hurt besides making you more beautiful.

And as a lover of the gym, desiring the pieces of the waist and thigh trimmer, as they are incredible, they help to maintain the posture, besides being super different pieces, our wishing for several for my day to day.

It's worth the quick trip to their site and spend a few minutes getting to know all their categories better, and see that the reviews are good and real, and I can't wait to do my shopping there and of course enjoy this promotion.
All with great taste and excellence to earn our trust, besides that the store has great prices, delivery worldwide and has various forms of payment and delivery for your convenience. Come meet and delight in it, and tell me what you most wanted and want in your home and in your daily life, what you want in your closet and what you will enjoy this new collection?

Beijos Açucarados!


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  1. Se não me engano já tinha ouvido falar dessa loja, não é mesmo que tem peças bem bonitas
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  2. Depois que eu conheci essa loja, fiquei doida por cintas para treinar. Adorei as sugestões.
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