15 julho 2020

The Use Of Human Hair Wigs Between Modern Dramas And Court Costumes!

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West Kiss Hair through the market research found that the use of human hair wigs is diverse. Based on the research results of West Kiss, this article introduces the application of wigs in modern dramas and court costumes.


We can see different kinds of human hair wigs in modern dramas and court costumes in the United Kingdom and other federal countries. 

Modern Performing Arts-Modern Dramas

There are many kinds of modern performing arts, and many performing will use human hair wigs. Especially in modern dramas, including stage plays musical, drama, films, TV plays, etc. Always be found in an ancient costume drama.

This is because ancient hairstyles are usually complex. To reduce the time of combing hairstyles and make the actors not need to keep the specified hairstyles for a certain role until the end of the performance, they will make the human hair wig required by the plot in advance, and the actors can participate in the performance as long as they have one set.

The human hair wig style of ancient costume plays is usually designed about the background of the times. However, in order to have a more prominent visual effect, and some ancient hairstyles are difficult to verify, the wig style may not be exactly the same as the historical hairstyles.   

When stand-in is used, more than one wig of the same style should be made.

Some fashion dramas also require some actors to wear hair wigs in response to the needs of the characters and the plot.

For example, if an actor with short hair plays a role with long hair, a long lace wig can save time waiting for the actor to have long hair. 


Another example, actors who lose their hair due to chemotherapy (such as cancer patients) often have to tie up their hair and wear lace closure wigs to make the audience realize that they are wigs.

In the 1944 film 《Mr. Stephenson》, Bette Davis put on a wig after fighting against diphtheria, which made her vulnerable. Anyone who saw it would be distressed.

Court Costumes Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are one of the court costumes of barristers and judges in Britain and most Commonwealth countries. This kind of wig with a black robe gives a solemn and ceremonial feeling, and it is also a symbol of the British judicial system.

There are several different ways of saying what it means to wear a hair wig.

Some people think that judges and lawyers wear wigs of the designated style according to their status, which is obviously fake, giving a sense of "dehumanization" and symbolizing the fairness and selflessness of the law.

When a judge wears a human hair wig, he/she will remove his / her selfish thoughts and become the embodiment of the rule of law. He/She will handle the case impartially and selflessly, in line with the accuracy required by the judiciary and the stability and balance emphasized.

The other people also think that this means that justice is a formal and solemn act, which is highly ritualistic, not a random act on the street or the bed.

Judges and lawyers wear gray short human hair bob wigs, which makes people feel highly respected. It is in accord with the habit of mediators in traditional society, who are the elderly with clear and sophisticated social affairs.

When a judge wears a bob wig, the decision is more convincing and represents the authority and importance of the judge.

Another view is to protect judges and lawyers. The judge's judgment and the lawyer's defense may cause some people's dissatisfaction. Wearing wigs can make judges and lawyers disguise their identities. It also means that they have no enmity with the accused. No matter what the judgment is, they only exercise the functions and powers given by law.

The human hair lace wigs used by judges and barristers at the initial stage were as long as they could reach their shoulders. Since 1780, small wigs have been used in civil cases.

The wig now in use appeared in 1822 and was made of horsehair.

Such hair lace wigs for court costumes cost a lot of money. The wigs used by judges are worth about 1500 pounds each, almost 300 pounds more than ordinary ones, and the bench wig used at the ceremony is more than 4000 pounds. 

For helping judges buy expensive traditional clothes, the high court judges will be given a stipend of about 30000 pounds, while the circuit judges will receive a stipend of 20000 pounds.

Human hair lace wigs are expensive because the craft of each wig is very fine, and it can not be mass produced by machines or production lines. It takes 44 hours for craftsmen to weave and roll them.

Many judges and lawyers have only one wig and never change it because they believe that the older the wig, the more senior it is in the legal profession.

The best gift a law school student can get from his family or friends is a wig made by a famous man.

Many craftsmen are busy with wig making have passed down their skills from generation to generation, while many families of wig makers require the buyer to sign and record every wig sold. In these records, many famous people's autographs can be found, because many well-known politicians are lawyers.

Human hair wigs are closely related to performing arts and court costumes. With the progress of the times, wigs are more and more widely used in daily life. 


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