22 julho 2020


Hello Açucaradas,

Are we going to a new store? Yes, I love to bring you internet finds, it’s always nice to know different types of stores and today we’re going to meet FeelinGirl, a store specializing in fitness pieces, straps and lingerie, all designed with our body and comfort in mind, so we can exercise and spend the day with the pieces that increasingly favor our physical type without causing inconvenience.

And of course, I will share the best deals that are currently happening. For you who are looking for a best bodysuit, the store has several incredible models to help you put the fat in the right place and become more powerful in your looks, besides that they are also great to use after surgery and for those who don't like to pieces marking under the clothes.

And for those who are experiencing back pain, the store has several models of plus size waist trainer, which are great for helping with posture and working out, in addition to having size for everyone, from the skinny to the plus, the store does not has discrimination and thinks about all women.

And of course, I made some choices to make you more curious and delight in some pieces that are booming in these promotions!

It is worth visiting the site quickly and spending a few minutes to get to know all the categories better and see the categories that are good and real, and I can wait to do my shopping there, and of course, take advantage of this promotion.
All with great taste and excellence to win our trust, in addition to the store has great prices, delivery all over the world and has several forms of payment and delivery for your merchandise. Come and meet and be delighted with it, and let me tell you what you most wanted and wanted in your home and your daily life, or what you wanted in your closet and what you would appreciate these pieces that only bring benefits.

Beijos Açucarados!

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